Founded in the early 90s, Movie Magic has gained a leadership position
in the Italian scene, quickly establishing itself at international level.

Today Movie Magic showreel boasts a broad range from succeeding
in big Hollywood-style productions to smaller and creative films.

Based in Milan and Los Angeles, a solid worldwide network of contacts
and a dynamic and international team of professionals, Movie Magic offers
its customers the ability to produce all over the world, using the best feature
film and advertising directors, italians and foreigners.


Ahornallee, 48
Berlin, 10999 - GERMANY

Ph: +49 030 555 73 960
Ph: +49 171 14 23 175

Federico Heise
managing director


via Bramante 29
Milano, 20154 - ITALY - PI 11989990152

Ph: +39 02 3108151
Fax: +39 02 31081555

Giorgio Borghi
executive producer e partner

Chicco Mazzini
executive producer e partner

Annalisa De Maria
executive producer

Luigi Cassano

Jacopo Mauri