Ago Panini


Ago Panini is one of Europe’s leading commercial directors and winner of numerous international awards. He was a musician, signed a contract with EMI and spent roughly 10 years playing with the band “Ottantottotasti”. After that, he was able to mix his two passion (music and photography) in some experimental music videos. These videos were soon appreciated and this led to collaborations with the most important Italian musician: Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Laura Pausini, Daniele Silvestri, Vinicio Capossela and many others.

He started directing commercials in 1997. He developed a very special visual narration style that evolved and grew through International works for brands as BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Fiat, Seat, Opel, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Renault…

Since 2002 he has been working frequently in USA for brands as Cadillac, BMW. In 2007 he wrote, directed and produced “Aspettando il sole”, his first feature film, winning several festivals (National and International): a ‘black’ comedy where he was able to channel all his visual and narrative research, collaborating with the most important Italian actors: Raul Bova, Claudia Gerini, Claudio Santamaria, Giuseppe Cederna, Vanessa Incontrada and many others. His long experience let him work with many international stars and some Oscar winning actors such as Adrian Brody, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz along with many others.