Ali Ali


He’s accurate, straight to the point yet as fanatical as any artist can be. Moving as fast as a whip-pan between meetings and locations on every continent of the world, Ali directs global campaigns for the likes of Diesel and Lavazza. When he’s not on set, he uses the left side of his brain to manage, co-found and executively lead our GP&K network.

Whether he touches a business proposal or camera, it turns to gold. We may not be able to figure out the logical-artistic algorithm of Ali’s mind, but we’re glad that he ended up putting together his first director’s collective called Good People right next to its siblings Kijami and Elephant to create the GP&K network.

But he wasn’t given the throne on a silver platter.

He’s moved up the food chain starting as an Art Director, a Creative, an ECD at DDB Berlin and is now the big fish controlling it all. Funny fact: he actually studied computer science. Guess art and storyboards were more appealing than motherboards.

According to the GUNN report, he is one of the top 10 directors in the world. After every shot, he says that this is the best shot he ever shot. Judges agree with him, recognizing his work with a not-so-shabby collection of over 73 awards.

He never ejects hard disks because according to him nothing ever happens. It’s an urban legend. And although he hates tech superstitions, he does believe that he must practice yoga before he gets on set.