Ismael Ten Heuvel


Known in the industry by his first name, Ismael is best known for his work for leading consumer brands McDonald’s (Manifest), (Night out2018), Volkswagen (The Way Back) (VW Roboboy),and  Heineken (The Invention), for which extensive post-production processes were used in order to recreate an authentic vision of Paris in 1889. And several award winning Supermarket Christmas commercials. Ismael is an award-winning director of awards including Cannes Lions and the Epica Awards. AlbertHeijn and Plus.

After being a creative ( Art director) for 10 years at Lowe Agency, Ismael successfully switched to directing, what really makes his heart beat.

Already as an art director he had a good tone of Art, Style and a Photographic eye.

Together with a huge pile of positive energy and a very direct Amsterdamish way of working straight out of the heart, it makes him a joy to work with both for crew and clients.

His perfect sense of casting, creates great human & heart-touched commercials.

Storytelling, Humor and Styling are of big importance to him, all of them always with a very Photographic look. It’s possible to make a breathtaking looking comedy.

He completely dives into each project as being his first…gives all he has, which makes him rare.