Niels Thomsen

Born in the far north of Germany I fell in love with this city 19 years ago and couldn’t leave since.
I love the sea, cooking, photography, traveling and of course my life and my work, which are often one of the same.
Working in the industry for the past 17 years, I started my career as a producer and learned the insides of what makes a good production.
This made the switch to directing a lot smoother and proves to be very helpful to the production companies I work with :)
Even after all these years, I still love being a part of this exciting industry and to collaborate as this brings out the best result.
I have done a lot of table top work, had a chance to develop projects with a heavy VFX component and worked on multiple beauty,
life style commercials as well as music videos. My current reel is a mixture of all genres that I love to work in.